My favorite Sex Sites

My name is Jake Smith and I created for the sole purpose to benefit other guys that want to get laid more often. I myself had tons of problems and tried dozens of sex sites that specialized in adult dating sites and I got either scammed or never got a reply from any girl except a few hookers asking for money. Over a period of about 6 months I tried to be exact, 26 sex sites and after spending over $1,000 in membership fees. I found 4 sites that work well and I plan on writing reviews of these sex websites so guys don’t have to waste their money on hookup sites that don’t work.

The short answer is this. I had a lot of success with Adult Friend Finder, Milfaholic, Easy Sex and Adult Hookup. Now I live in Miami so to make full disclosure it could be there were just great girls looking to hookup in my home town but it’s the best I can do for you. I’m not going to promise you saying you’ll get laid easily in other cities when I have no idea about those cities.

The girls on these sex sites were ‘good’. Most weren’t model like hot, but they were attractive enough to bad em in the sack. I was averaging about 2 new girls a week I was able to have sex with. These are new girls, not the same ones. Of course I would contact the same girls I already fucked too. Basically after building up my little private rolodex of sex contacts, I was having sex any day of the week I wanted. I mean when you have 10 local horny girls that are happy for you to come to their home and satisfy their sexual cravings, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you can get laid daily.

So that’s about it for now. I will be sharing the pros and cons of the above mentioned sex sites over the next month or so, but in the mean time, give them a shot. As you can see, I am not making money off you with any affiliate links. I’m just giving you my best advice so you can get laid on the top sex websites I’ve found.

So good luck guys and drop me some comments on which sex site you enjoy the most.