How To Get Laid Using Online Adult Sex Sites

Most guys think that if they sign up to an adult sex site, getting laid is guaranteed. This is unfortunately not the case. If you want to get laid successfully after you sign up to free adult sex sites, then you have to understand that meeting a hot girl to hook up with in real life requires game. I hear stories of sexual conquest fails all the time, which is why I created this guide to having the best pick up strategies, so you can take advantage of whichever adult sex site you decide to sign up to.

Looks Are Not As Important As Attitude

When you consider the top free online dating sites, a lot of guys make the mistake of thinking they are going to have huge competition in the looks department. This is simply not the case and is one of the main reasons that guys fail at hooking up with the best girls on the website, because once you get in the mindset that you aren’t going to be as attractive as the next guy, then automatically you will put less effort into meeting the hot chick of your dreams and you are setting yourself up for failure, right from the start. The factor that will make you stand out from the rest of the horny dudes on an adult sex site is your attitude. It’s been proven that your personality is what makes you attractive to women- even if you aren’t so gifted when it comes to looks. Be funny, be charming, make her the centre of attention and you are in the win zone.

Don’t Be Sleazy

Even though you might think the girl of your dreams is on an adult sex site, because all she cares about is getting some cock, that is simply not true. Women are looking for a fantasy of their prince charming who ticks all the boxes, so getting to know your personality and seeing what you do in your free time when they look at your photos, is a lot more attractive than seeing photos of your cock. If your first attempt to contact her is sending her a dick pic, or showing her how you jerk off on live cam, then you can be safe in the knowledge she is unlikely to get back to you.

Take Pride In Your Appearance

If you have successfully secured a date with one of your top 10 girls that you have shortlisted on an adult sex site, then please don’t show up looking like you have just rolled out of bed, with scruff jeans and a week’s worth of stubble. As I mentioned earlier in this article- women are looking for a fantasy and although some of them might fantasize about a filthy cave man, most of them want a well groomed, well dressed alpha male. This is especially dependent on culture- I have found most of the girls I have hooked up with from the UK prefer a preppy looking, clean cut guy, as oppose to chicks from Australia, who dig the surfer vibe. Either way, make sure your personal hygiene comes first.
All of the good adult websites will confirm everything I have just said, so if you make the above three points a priority before you start trawling the internet for a casual hook up, then you are set for success.