Why Men on Free Sex Hookup Sites Don’t Get Laid

Just because someone has signed up to a free sex hookup site so they can find a casual sex partner online does not mean that they are going to want to have sex with you no matter how you behave. There are some big no no’s when it comes to meeting up for sex and if you don’t make sure you are avoiding making these mistakes, then you can forget about having some sexual adult fun at the end of the date.

Don’t Get Drunk

Getting drunk the first time you meet your potential fuck buddy is a massive faux pas. Not only will your struggle to get it up, but a slurring, sweaty mess isn’t exactly going to make her want to rip your clothes off. By all means, have some drinks on your first hookup date, by don’t get so smashed that she will have to take you home and put you to bed.

Don’t Be Perverted

Make sure your profile on the free sex hookup sites isn’t portraying you as a complete pervert. You should never put naked photos of yourself on your profile for all to see. Save this for the private messaging function on your chosen hookup website. The best approach to increase your chances of getting laid on a sex hookup site is to keep it real and show that you are a mature, classy guy.

Punching Above Your League

The top rated hookup websites will obviously have the hottest women. One of the main reasons guys complain about not getting laid enough even on the best sex hookup sites is because they are being unrealistic and going after women who are way out of their league. If you weigh 300 pounds and you are only five foot tall, then why the hell would a woman who looks like a Victoria’s secret model want to hookup with you?

The Wrong Vibe

The vibe you give off and how you come across is the main factor that will either prevent you from getting laid, or help you. If you come across as a creepy, closet gay guy who is super insecure and needy, then don’t expect to get any responses from the women you want to hookup with.

Going After Much Younger Women

If you are only interested in dating women half your age, then you should sign up to a teen sex site where you can talk to barely legal girls completely free. On a normal hookup sex site however, young women are unlikely to want to hookup with a dude twice their age (unless they are specifically into older guys)

Being Too Relaxed

Even women on free sex hookup sites want to be pursued. They expect the guy to make the first move and if you can’t be bothered to make an effort to charm her, then don’t expect her to be banging down your door for sex, when there are hundreds of other guys out there who will make the first move.

A Bad Profile Picture

Although looks are not the most important thing on a hookup site- they definitely do matter! Uploading poor quality pictures of yourself to your profile, wearing bad clothes, or generally looking dirty is not a good idea if you want to actually hookup with a hot girl! If you can’t even be bothered to maintain your personal hygiene, then why on earth would she consider responding to your messages?