The Best Pictures To Use On Online Sex Sites

Your online sex site profile picture is the first thing that people will see when they are scrolling through all potential candidates for sex. Some say never judge a book by it’s cover, but when it comes to online sex sites, making a good first impression online is crucial to chatting and possibly dating the hottie of your dreams. Here are some points to take into account when choosing your free online sex site profile picture

Quality Not Quantity

Although it is never recommended to use just one photo of yourself on a website, there is no point having tons of low quality, inappropriate pics. Make sure the photos you use are full body shots, clothed ones (you can save the dirty pics for private chat) which clearly show your face, your body shape and also that they are high quality.

Go Easy On The Photo Shop

The best websites will obviously have the hottest girls, therefore you need to understand that there will also be several hot men signed up to these free online sex sites. Women are not stupid, most of them are pros at taking selfies which display their best angles and they can spot air brushing from a mile away. Whilst it’s fine to remove a massive white head blemish, or remove red eye from a photo, do not overdo it on the photo shopping. It will only lead to them suspecting there is something seriously wrong with you, or for them to end up being massively disappointed when they meet you in person.

Use Action Shots

Men who are permanently posting selfies are off putting to the kind of women you find on online sex sites. Women sign up to free online hook up sites, in order to fulfil a fantasy of sleeping with a guy who can satisfy their sexual needs. And a fantasy is not built on looks alone- they want to create a storyline in their head of what kind of guy you are- so action shots of you surfing, playing foot ball, or whatever you like to do in your free time, is going to give them the opportunity to create a fantasy, which they will later play out in the bedroom with you.

Close Ups

As I mentioned above, the best online dating profiles will display a range of pictures. It is important to include full body shots- so they can gage your height and weight, but it is equally important for them to clearly see what you look like. Make sure you include at least one close up photo of your face- it doesn’t have to be a selfie,  if you don’t feel comfortable taking one- ask a friend to take a pic of you close up, so your online match can see an accurate portayment of what you look like.

Here’s What To Avoid When Choosing Your Online Dating Photos

Do not have half naked photos of yourself, which obviously show that you have deliberately taken your clothes off to show off your body. It’s fine to use a picture of yourself at the beach, or doing some kind of activity that doesn´t require you to be clothed, but if you post a picture of just your headless body, don’t expect her to message you.  It goes without saying that cock shots are an absolute no go- they just make you look like a sleazy creep.

Pets And Kids

As you are not looking for a wife online, try and avoid posting pictures of yourself with kids. Not only does it seem creepy for a dude to be posting a picture of himself with his child on an online sex site, it is also inappropriate. Dogs and Cats are fine- as if she has an allergy or fear of either one, she will give you a heads up to change your sheets before arriving at your place. More exotic pets such as snakes and spiders are not advisable in pics, as it may send her running for the hills.