Sex Dating Sites: Working Several At A Time

If you want the best way to pick up multiple girls for sex in the shortest space of time, then you need to sign up to multiple sex dating sites. The trick is not to spread yourself too thinly online because you will end up being too busy to respond to all the sexy girls you have shortlisted into your top 10 casual fuck buddies. It is true however, that if you want to maximise your chances of getting laid on a sex dating site, then you don’t want to limit yourself to being a member of just one adult dating site.

So, What is the trick?

Cast A Wider Social Net

It’s logical that the more women you talk to on free sex dating sites, the more responses you will get for sexual relationships. You have to think ahead though and plan it so you have enough time to dedicate enough time and attention to each girl you are talking to. If you want to land yourself a real life date, then you have to respond to each message quickly and efficiently, not taking too much time of your day, but also making sure that each message focuses on quality, not quantity.

Leverage 2 or 3 Legit sites at once.

As sites often dry up, you should spend some time browsing reviews of which dating sites have the most options, regarding types of girls you want to be dating. A good free sex dating site should offer several different categories, for example: Black, senior, teen, lesbian, gay and so on and also give you the option to search by location and country. This is important because if you have already messaged all of the girls in the UK then you can just copy and paste your intro email to girls in India for example. To maximise your success, pick two or three different websites and work them at the same time.

Make An Extra Effort

As with all things in life, short term extra effort often provides long term gain. The idea of spending an entire day messaging girls you hope to hook up with, might seem like fun for a sex addict, but for the majority of us it is boring and time consuming.  A little effort goes a long way and once you start seeing results, you can get a better idea of what works and what doesn´t when it comes to sex only hook ups. It’s not rocket science- after all it’s just sex- not a quest to find a wife! Every girl likes to be made to feel that she is the apple of your eye. Making the centre of attention, without being obsessive or sleazy is surely going to increase your chances of her turning into a regular fuck buddy. It costs nothing to put the appropriate effort and focus,  into making her feel like she is the only girl you are persuing , rather than being distant and mundane in your initial correspondence with her.

Join Different Websites In Different Countries

In order to properly reap the fruit of your labors, you need to compile a portfolio of tactics. It’s also important to remember that one strategy might work for South African girls, but will be an epic fail with American girls. Obviously, talking to a girl halfway across the world isn´t convenient for hooking up in person, but it is perfect for cam sex addicts! It’s all about practicing until you find the successful formula which works for you. Plus, watching a girl perform oral or anal sex with a dildo live just for you, is more personal than watching porn.